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   GMAT - CAT : Syllabus - Quant (Math), Verbal
The objective type questions in the GMAT test appear in the third and the fourth section of the GMAT test. You will be allowed 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) to answer each of the two sections.
The third section in the GMAT test is the Quantitative section and comprises 37 objective type multiple choice questions. Each of the questions in this section has a question followed by 5 answer choices. You will be provided rough sheets to do all your workings and calculations. As the test is a computer adaptive test, you will not be allowed to skip any question or revisit a question.

Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions are intermingled in this section. About one-third of the questions that appear in the GMAT quantitative section are of the data sufficiency type and the balance two-thirds are of the problem solving type.

Questions that appear as part of both the problem solving and the data sufficiency type test your understanding of basic high school math. Main areas within Math that are tested include basic arithmetic, algebra, elementary geometry, modern math, basic statistics and topics such as permutation - combination and probability. As the GMAT test is administered to MBA aspirants from different streams of education, the test does not include any specialized math topics. GMAT Quant
The fourth and final section of the GMAT CBT is the verbal section. This section has 41 objective type questions and are almost equally divided into three types of questions.
  1. Sentence Correction
    Sentence correction questions account for about a third or 13 to 14 questions in the verbal section of the GMAT test. These questions test an aspirant's proficiency in standard structured English. Though the rules that govern structured English writing are aplenty, being aware of the most commonly test 20 or 25 common errors will help you get most of the questions in this section right. GMAT Sentence Correction.
  2. Critical Reasoning
    In these type of questions, a small passage is given that is followed by a question. The critical reasoning questions are intended to assess your ability to construct and evaluate logically valid arguments. GMAT Critical Reasoning Sample Question.
  3. Reading Comprehension
    About a third of the 41 questions in the verbal section of the GMAT test are Reading Comprehension questions. Usually, there will be three to four passages each with about 3 to 4 questions. Topics could vary from arts and humanities to science and technology to economics. GMAT RC Sample Question.
You will get to take a 5 minutes break between the third and the fourth section of the GMAT test.

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